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There are two things called ball in play and ball out play. So when the games are played all time it is called ball in play. When the goes out the field or stopped by the referee it is called ball out play. There are the eight methods of ball out play and how is it restarted the game.

Kick off: Is when a referee calls for two player captains from each team to come out ,and then the referee will say which side they want to chose for the coin , then the referee flips the coin ,and whichever captains win there team gets to chose whether they want to start or let the their opponent start. The team that starts has to have their ball placed on the halfway line in the center circle. Then the player who is going to start the ball has to pass the ball to his player beside him on the center circle.

Throw-in: Is when the ball crosses either in the right side of the goal or the left and then its out. Then whoever kicked it out the opponent takes the ball with his hands behind the line and try to throw the ball to his players. The player who is throwing the ball cannot put his feet up and he has to throw his ball above his head.

Goal kick: Is when the team’s opponent kicks the ball out of the line (behind the right and left side of the soccer goal), or touches the ball that the ball went behind the goal on either side then it’s a goal kick. In a goal kick the goalie places the ball on the corner of the right or left side of the goal area.

Corner kick: Is when the team kicks the ball behind the right and left side of his side of the soccer goal, or touches the ball that the ball went behind his side of the soccer goal then it’s a corner kick. Then the ball is placed in the corner area. After that the player can kick or pass on the corner area.

Indirect free kick: “is when the other team fouls the opponent “non-penal” fouls, certain technical infringements“, when this happens the player who is taking the indirect free kick cannot score a goal.

Direct free kick: is when the team’s opponent fouls the team in the penalty area then is a “penal” foul. In the “penal” foul the player who got fouled by his opponent in the penalty area has to take a penalty kick.

Penalty Kick: is when the teams opponent fouls the team on his side on the penalty area then it’s a penalty. In a penalty kick the ball is placed at the penalty spot in the penalty area. Then a player kicks the ball at the net to have a goal; the player can only have one chance of shot. In a penalty kick no one can block him except the goalkeeper.

Dropped-ball: happens when the referee has stopped play for any other reason, such as a serious injury to a player, or a ball becoming defective. This happens rarely.


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